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Myrtle Beach Shows - Atlantic Stage Company

Atlantic Stage, a non-profit professional stage company began performing at the 79th Avenue Theatre in 2008. Actors perform in a simple, undecorated space known as a black box theater. The idea of a black box theatre is that any space can be converted into a performance zone. Empty warehouses, old cafes, abandoned shops. Everything surrounding the stage is black. Black walls, black seating, black floors. The stage is set in the middle of the black box. Enthusiasts remark that it is an inexpensive way to enjoy unadulterated performances where the actors and stage sets are the focus.

Atlantic Stage Company in Myrtle Beach

Quite a few of the props and costumes that you see on set are donated by loyal patrons.

The 79th Avenue Theatre stage is a thrust stage surrounded by 144 seats on three sides, each of which offers excellent unobstructed views. The first row of seats is on the floor and each row rises 18 inches respectively. Ticket prices are in the $25-30 range with discounts available for students and seniors. The lobby has a small concession area where guests can enjoy drinks and snacks before the show and during intermission.

The 2012/2013 season includes six plays. Performances are as follows:

Sept 7-23

God of Carnage

A playground fight between two kids brings together two sets of parents to resolve the dispute. The gloves come off after all the diplomatic niceties are observed and leaves the parents liberal principles in tattered shreds.

Nov 9-25


Two plays by Christopher Durang

Sister Mary Explains it all for You. Sister Mary explains the principals of being Catholic to a good student who is awarded cookies for correct answers. Former students show up to reveal the deep psychological trauma bestowed upon them.

The Actor's Nightmare. An accountant accidentally wanders on stage and is informed that he must replace one of the actors and finish the play.

Dec 8-23

Holiday Memories

An eight year old's perspective of country life, friendships and family relationships, as well as loneliness and loss. A heart-warming story of making fruitcakes, decorating the Christmas tree, drinking whiskey, and angering all the relatives.

Jan 18-Feb 3

Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole explores how families deal with loss and tragedy. It is both a comedy and a drama. The play was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2007.

March 22- Apr 7

Lend me a Tenor

World famous tenor, Tito Morelli, arrives too drunk and too late to perform his role at the gala season opener of Otello. At one point, the stage crew believes Tito to be dead. In a panic, the stage manager dresses his assistant in Morelli's costume and pushes him out on stage.

Imagine everyone's surprise when Tito revives himself and dresses for the second act of the play.

Because of the content, this play is recommended for mature audiences.

Apr 18- 21

New Voices Playfest

New works by up and coming playwrights are featured in this play reading festival.

Apr 26- May 12

Child's Play

Enjoy the world premier of Child's Play. Written by Kevin D. Ferguson, this play is the winner from last year's New Voices Playfest.

The storyline centers around a child therapist who is not so sure she is doing her patients any good and a young patient who has quit speaking.

Atlantic Stage Group
900 79th Ave N., Myrtle Beach, SC